Athletic Bilbao - A Basque Institution

New article on the front page of the site.

Nearly didn’t get an article in today but got one together in the end.

Lovely retirement post from Aduriz.

A great guy.

Enjoy the retirement Big Man.


It’s a huge pity he didn’t get to play in the all basque Spanish cup final. That would have been an amazing occasion.

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Was in Bilbao last year, and the stadium looks mighty impressive from the outside. Slap bang in the city as well. There was a game on the Sunday morning I was leaving, and you had some away fans supping away on beers around 11 am in cafes near the stadium along with a few home fans gathering around outside the ground. Think it was a 2pm or early afternoon kick off. I take it there wouldn’t be much in the way of “firms” in Spain, bar between a few of the obvious teams? I can’t imagine Real Madrid fans would get a nice welcome in the Basque country?

Bilbao is an unreal city.

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I was at the Bilbao Barca game in January last year. A cracking stadium and a brilliant city.

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I met a number of people from Bilbao on a train in Barcelona before. They were initially not too nice towards us, thinking we were tans, but when we explained we were Irish, they started dishing out the cans and telling us that we hated the Brits as much as they hated the Spaniards. They then proceeded to do a few RA/ETA crossover chants before hopping off at the next stop

Have always wanted to visit the city, and be class to see a game while there


Would recommend “Homeland” as a read. A fictional book about both sides of the Basque conflict. You think now, where is the Basque independence movement? Gone? Vanished? What was it all for?
It seems to be one of the wealthier parts of Spain. Was amazed at the amount of people speaking Basque in Bilbao, Pamplona, San Sebastian.
I always thought it was in the countryside and smaller towns only. Seems to have been a revival of the language in the last 30 odd years.
When I was there, Vox were having some kind of stupid public meeting and march in Bilbao ahead of the elections. A place where I think they got fuckall votes. It was probably all for the publicity and tv time. Obviously there were protesters there fucking rocks at them.

It might have carried a bit more gravitas if your man wasn’t in fucking shorts


What you didn’t see Off camera was his kids sitting impatiently in the car waiting to be brought to the beach


Went blind last night, guy in prison, remember ETA / Basque s etc remembered Ireland when most ( even down here) did not

One of the guys they are on about seems to have been the Ducksy Walsh of the Basque country. Patxi Ruiz…

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We share bonds with the Basque people stretching back 3000 years…

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We are the Basque people

We are really Egyptian but the Basques came later — Egypto-Basque is what we are.

We don’t share their good looks.

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Actually a lot of people would say my football style was a cross between Xabi Alonso and Mo Salah, so that makes sense

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Speak for yourself

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Who’s we, pale face?

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