Athletics Thread


The Irish women’s 4x100m relay team.
That Scott girl looks like she might be foreign…


Which one of them is 15?


I am convinced that when a kid lands in Ireland from Africa the parents register them a year or two ypunger than they are to give them an advantage. There was a case if this in the US a few years back


The tallest girl.


Freddie Adu


Jumbo Gula would be a great one for the farm, fine set of shoulders on her. She’d pike bales up on the trailer all day.


Two of them haven’t forgotten their ivory coast roots


I was thinking of a basketball player who was in his mid twenties but said he was 17 and entered high school to get a scolarship. Just googled it but cant find it but heres a similar case. Gas Bastards


Unreal. This is brilliant. Silver in a world 4x100m ahead of UK. Better than USA and Jamaica




We’re they born in Ireland


We would have won if the original girl didn’t get injured,some result.


Were you?


the last hand over wasnt great.


Another silver in high jump too.

Video here of the relay


One of our best


A European bronze medal for Thomas Barr in Berlin.

All on a shoe string. Volunteer coaches. A black day for the GAA.

Hon Waterford.


Fabulous news!


The Spinaker and the Strand will be the places to be tonight @Fagan_ODowd. The Dunmore East lad did good.