Auld birds you would shag




Sharon Stone, as a wonderful looking lady, is often not emphasised enough.


She’s pulled from pillar to post there, but fuck it, she looks smashing and I admire a woman who will get the work done if needs be. A right cracker.


Mary Louise Parker (53) looks smashing for her age in Mr Mercedes


CZ-J. 48.


Halle :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: 51




Herself had the golden globes on the telly last night. Loads of old dolls - Stone, Zeta-Jones, Aniston etc all looking well but Halle stole the show


Salma Hayek, 51. I love her, very much.


I saw her first





What a lady. My first ever crush. And now she’s an auld bird.


Almost, she’s a bit to go yet.


Good Irish stock and all


Croppy boys first post on this thread.

Now fuck up going on about 45, the vast majority of the rest of your posts are whining about being 45. You auld cunt.


What age is the requirement around here?


Jesus. I doubt even he could conjure a response to that.


It seems if you yourself are under 40, its 40 and over. The aul cunts over 40 want it raised.


Carmen is 44 here,goodbye now!


I saw the light and realised that I was incorrect. It was a moment of growth that better people often experience.

It’s not surprising that you would be unfamiliar with such a phenomenon.