Auld birds you would shag


45 and over.


you saw that you were an aul cunt more like and didnt like it!

Angelina Jolie, 42

Charlize Theron, 42


How come you went out of your way to find as masculine a picture of Theron as possible?


Manson, 51





Fair play to Liz, very much a shrinking violet.


Brandi Love


We don’t wanna know who you bate off ta at all.


I’d say he wants her to bate him with the metre stick :joy:


Have you ever fallen in love Pee J?


Is Brandi Love a porn star? I think @glasagusban was the last one to post a porn star on here, poor cratur lost the run of himself entirely


This has gotta be confusing for @Peejaymc now when only a few weeks ago he made his most popular post ever by a distance when he put up a picture of a porn star on this thread


Not too confusing, I tend to masturbate more to Rachel Steele than Brandi Love so can see why she’s more popular


Logan 44







She looks every day of it whoever she is.


She’s magnificent Fagan, a real lady. God bless Pammy.


She’s fucking wrecked


A cracking bit of stuff. If anything she’s improving you’d say.