Auld birds you would shag




name, please? She is unrale


Ah here


Kate Beckinsale. 45.


Who is that? Kate Winslet?


What? Do you think she’s on the Titanic? That’s the lovely Maura


Jesus it is too. What a rack!


Maura would be well capable of raising masts…

I think @KinvarasPassion is a fan also :clap:


Maura is lovely


yeah she’s right up there with Kate Beckinsale


isn’t there a golf shot called a sally gunnel; an ugly runner


it’s called a sonia down here.

Not pretty but will run all day


An Adolf – Taking two shots in a bunker.
An Arthur Scargill – Great strike but a poor result.
A Rodney King – Over-clubbed.
An O.J. Simpson – Shouldn’t have, but got away with it.
A Condom – Safe but didn’t feel right.
An Elephant’s “bottom” – it’s high and it stinks.
A Sister-in-law – I’m up there, but I know that I shouldn’t be.
A Sally Gunnell – Not pretty but a good runner.
A Gerry Adams – A provisional.
A Dennis Wise – Nasty little five footer.
A Diego Maradonna – A very nasty five footer.
A Salman Rushdie – An impossible read.
A Douglas Bader – Looked good but didnt have the legs.
An Arsene Wenger – Everyone saw where it went but you.
A Tommy Sheridan – A shocking lie.
A Rio Ferdinand – Lipped out.
A Rock Hudson – Thought it was straight, but it wasn’t.
A ladyboy – Looks like an easy hole but all may not be what it seems.
A gynaecologist’s assistant – Just shaved the hole.
Does your husband play? For when a man hits a short tee shot.
A Cuban – Needs one more revolution.
A Brazillian – Hits the narrow strip down the middle.
An Elton John – A big bender that lips the rim.
A Glen Miller – Low and didn’t make it over the water.
A Marylin Monroe – A fair crack up the middle (aka “A Blondie”).
A Princess Grace – Should have taken a driver.
A Princess Di – Shouldn’t have taken a driver.
A Michael Jackson – Fading away.
An Anna Kournikova – Looks great, but unlikely to get a result.
A Vinnie Jones – Nasty kick when you’re not expecting it.
A Tony Blair – Too much spin.
A Bin Laden – In the water and never to be found again.
A Jamie Oliver – You really want to smack it but you can’t.



A Sister-in-law – I’m up there, but I know that I shouldn’t be.



I see you speak fluent wanker


Only someone who speaks fluent wanker would have spotted this…


I see the civil service are busy as ever of a Friday afternoon.


civil service when dail not sitting.

big difference!


Between doing fuck all and doing absolutely fuck all.


trust me, there’ll be PQs by the bandload heading my direction when the fuckers come back, then there’s the recast of the the EU regulation etc etc. it’ll be a struggle to cope with all that between 10 & 4 and have my full 2.5 hour lunch

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