Auld lads whinging about having a few pints

Elm Tree in Glounthane

Of a sunday? No roaster carvery pictures either you deviant

We went for carvery… Had an egg hunt in Fota house at 3.45 so did carvery on the way. I went for corned beef… Haven’t had it in an age, it was unreal.

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You could have gotten a better one.

Ah fuck off.


Exactly how I felt.
It was some stuff called poretti.
I’m only just starting to escape the overwhelming feeling of impending doom.
I’m on the early ferry tomorrow and I’m torn inside out with turmoil.

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There’s always next year


First encountered that Angelo Poretti at a wedding in the Italian hills a good few years back. Absolutely roasting and it was like nectar.

Ya big blouse

Yep. A great big blouse.

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How many eggs you hunt down? Theres always a fair selection in there

The Harp comeback tour

I was in a heap laughing at this fella… Then i spotted the reply and i was in convulsions

He got me again :joy:

I’d a hape of Beamish in the tinny shed yesterday. Lovely pints. The kids getting me up at 7 not so lovely.