Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


Well there’s an image going with us all to the grave.


Is this an extension of today’s bullshit yarn?


Do tge two of you have to clog up every fucking thread?


Probably still preferable to any input from you in any thread.


No, I dont think it is. Now would you ever fuck off and die you utterly boring bastard.


Hard to argue with that. Fuck off Ditzy.


I never brought this clown into anything. He stepped in himself.

He thinks sex is immoral. But supports sexual abuse and paedophillia.

He is a fucking strange fish to say the least.


I don’t.

I merely just pointed out your contradictions and that you are a bit of a creepy, sleazy spoofer.



There was no contradiction. I, like most lads here, will have had several sexual encounters with women. However we don’t give out names or photos out of respect for the ladies. This Aussie dope did. He probably had 10 team mates in the same boat, but they managed to out the phone away. Its the height of insecurity to take photos and send to your mates.

However you DO support the Catholic Church and celtic football Club.

You have no tokens left fella. You are not allowed be listened to by anyone about morality.


Serious valgus going on there


You’re boasting about them on the internet. The guy posted up a photo of an unidentifiable woman boasting about it. You made a post on the internet boasting about the same. They’re one and the same but you happen to be a hypocrite. You’re happy to speak down to others who have down similar then revel in your indiscretions.

I am a Catholic, I’m proud of that.

I’m also a supporter of Celtic Football Club.

One is an organised religion, the other is a football club.

Snorting cocaine off a woman’s chest and boasting about it on the internet has more to lend itself to paedophilia than going to mass or football matches do.

You’re doing a good job as portraying yourself as some sort of sleazy deviant who gets a buzz off sharing sexual yarns on the internet.


So sex and paedo’s are the same?


You are fucked in the head. You are a sad case for a man in your age.

By the way, she was identified.


Both supported and his sexual abuse and paedophillia.

Thats a fact. An undeniable one


It’s not a fact.

It’s a blatant pedaling of a lie.



I just said that being a sexual deviant is more closely linked to paedophilia than going to mass or watching a football team play.


But you are equating having sex to being a deviant.

You assumed i was a deviant. I don’t think you understand the word. A word you should look up though is consent.

This girl did not give consent for a photo to be released of her. I never or would bever dream of doing anything like that. Its called trust, a nordie like you wouldn’t know much about this i realise.


Its absolute fact.


It’s a blatant lie and you’ll have major issues backing it up.


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You guys seems like you’d be interested in the fortunes of former GGA players now playing AFL.

Conor McKenna forgot he was playing AFL and did a solo today in a pre season game by mistake