Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


Jaysus, have PP released any odds on this?


havent seen anything yet on it anyway. Maybe waiting for the Irish squad first


Is it in Oz or Dublin this year?


Oz. First game in Adelaide and second is the last ever game that will be held in Subiaco stadium in Perth.


What kind of a dickhead sends out a photo like this?


Is it not as strong as the last one or thereabouts?


One off his head after doing lines of coke off a massive pair of knockers.


I’ve been there, minus the medal, and it is the fucking last thing i would be considering.


Aussies bro, they love showing off to their cobbermates. Deviants.




Some lad boasting about doing lines of coke off a woman’s breasts getting all indignant about a person sending a photo out of them.

The irony of it.


Where is the irony fella.

A bit of common decency for privacy.

I know you don’t understand woman, but they do deserve that.


Odd moral compass when you can’t see the hypocrisy there.

You’re all for privacy of a woman but at the same time you’re up for defiling a woman by snorting drugs off her chest and then bragging about it on the internet.

I would say that women deserve more respect than a guy snorting drugs off their chest and boasting about it on the internet but then again I’m obviously a much higher class of man than you are.


I think this one is stronger, more akin to the 2014 side who won in the one off test in Perth. The 2015 one in Dublin had quite a few elder players in it, lads on the verge or retirement. Looking at that 2015 team, of the 22 who travelled, 8 have since retired. and I reckon another 3 will retire after this season too, so I’d say there was a few being brought as a last hurrah trip.


I’d say its more that its the new generation of everything being snapchatted and people obsessed with having everything on their phones.


Sorry you might have to pull out the pist where i named a gorl or showed a photo of her.

You goon.


Ya true.

Obviously i’m more diconnected too so these lads may be less in my consious


Ya no doubt about it.


So it’s alright to brag about snorting drugs off a woman’s chest? That doesn’t seem very respectful to the woman or women in general.

The woman wasn’t named in that photo and you also can’t see her face so it’s hard to identify her I would imagine.


What if the woman sniffed coke off my ass?