Avatars - Best & Worst


@Kinvara’s Passion :clap::clap::clap:





[QUOTE=“Kinvara’s Passion, post: 998383, member: 686”]@myboyblue

The eyes, the madness was always there.


@Mac time to change that avatar?


Disappointed in the lack of kudos going the way of @Bartosz Bereszynskiego for his new avatar


Nice choice of avatar @Julio_Geordio :ronnyroar:

Really nice change of avatar @myboyblue



Bumped for @Brimmer_Bradley. That’s a fantastic avatar. Really smashing.


Thanks Gman. As stated already I’m just lucky to have gotten there first. I’m beaming with pride here, obviously about the avatar but more importantly the recognition from a stalwart such as yourself.


I hope you’re as smug about it as your bogger friend in the avatar!


You’ve no idea how smug I am. I’m purring here.


Get rid of that avatar now. You are teetering very close to the edge displaying a freak like that. Get rid of it or you’re fucked.


Who is the freak in the avatar?


That’s actually a rather good picture of the sister of @Brimmer_Bradley


I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like it before, very strange picture picture to sit under.


Excellent new Avatar @Tassotti

Hugh is a hero of mine, a real man of the land. :clap:


I’m his most passionate follower


Fantastic avatar @Tassotti - have you ever been to River Cottage? The brother has been for dinner a few times, says it’s unreal, unbelievable.


@Juhniallio talk us through the latest addition to the family.


You’ll have to work it out chucks.