Ballon D'Or 2011


[QUOTE=“Bandage, post: 1073017, member: 9”]John and Besarta are clearly alright sorts.[/QUOTE]

[I]Besarta admits she missed a goal in a previous match and that she wasn’t going to let it happen again.

“It was a very, very cold and windy day. I was filming up on top of scaffolding and it was very tough to hold onto the camera because of the conditions,” said Besarta.

[B]“I had missed a goal in a previous game because I had to put the camera down to blow my hands to warm them up[/B]. So I wasn’t going to let that happen again.”[/I]



[QUOTE=“Captainshan, post: 1072740, member: 41”]When David Luiz is in the team of the year its hard to take these awards seriously.[/QUOTE]

What’s almost bizarre as David Luiz getting selected was Iker Casillas shortlisted as one of the five goalkeepers for the World Team of the Year with Neuer, Buffon, Bravo and Courtois.

Casillas was Real’s reserve goalkeeper for most of 2014. He was rank in the World Cup, probably the worst goalkeeper in it and was badly at fault for Godin’s goal for Atletico in the European Cup Final.




Harsh second yellow there on 2.50