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Massive scandal breaking tonight… Have we any contacts for that club around here? Some lads saying that Junior B management started a brawl and the match was abandoned…Others saying that Ballysteen drove to Caherconlish and not Caherdavin which resulted in a walkover…

You do the math

@LimerickCLG: Reminder the Limerick Junior B Football League Final takes place this evening BallybrickenBohermore v Ballysteen in Caherdavin at 7.30pm

@BallysteenGAA: All roads lead to Caherdavin tonight as our Junior B team take on @BallyBoherGAA in the County League final. Throw in 7:30 Na Piarsaigh.

I will make a phone call and see what the story is

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Right, so I was talking to a fella I know from there. Apparently Ballysteen turned up at the venue at 6:45 where they were informed by the county board official that the game was not going ahead as the pitch was not booked and Na Piarsaigh were hosting a blitz which was just commencing. They hung around for a while and were told on numerous occasions by the official at the gate to go home as there was not going to be a match. A number of Ballysteen players began to leave the venue and the CB official himself got into his van and left. There was still a few Ballysteen players and supporters milling around when the Ballybricken secretary came running out to the car park proclaiming she had gotten hold of the secretary and that a pitch would be cleared at some stage and the match would go ahead. Well over half the Ballysteen team had left at that stage. Apparently Ballybricken togged out and were eventually given access to a pitch at 8pm, the ref threw in the ball, blew it up and they were awarded the cup.

A farcical situation for a county final and very disrespectful to players who had taken time off work and travelled great distances only to be told the County Board hadn’t even booked a pitch for them to play on.


FFS! What a joke… is that the end of it now or are the club going to appeal it?

Don’t know what they will do.

Would be surprised if Ballybricken were happy to accept the cup in such circumstances. Surely sense will prevail and it will be replayed at some stage in future.

Did any of the Ballysteen boys not think of sitting in the middle of the pitch.

Come to think of it have mobile phones not made it back to West Limerick.

Ballybricken will be drinking out of the cup by now. No way will they give it up

ballysteen are surely entitled to some moral compensation after this clusterfuck

And everyone knows that in Limerick GAA moral victories are what really counts.

The whole thing was a clusterfuck. Ballybricken are a strong team and probably would have won the game anyways. Hope they enjoy their win and sure we might meet them again in championship.

Ballysteen side of the story seems to be somewhat confirmed by the Limerick Leader reporter covering the game

@Rocko please merge these posts into the Limerick GAA thread

Jesus what sort of Gobshites are running the show down there?

John Delaney’s equivalent in Ballysteen could be sitting on a cheque for 5,000 by Sunday

Buy the junior b lads a few pints


Signing in to offer my support to Ballysteen.

Looks like Ballysteen got rightly mugged off.

Mugged off good and proper it seems.

It’s on!

@TreatyStones…your lads better ask themselves, did they put the fear of God into anyone.

@TreatyStones is of the opinion that they have already achieved victory in getting a replay.
The actual result is now irrelevant.