Ban cars from Killester

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Some pertinent points raised there.

Particularly the narrow footpaths (50cm-80cm). I have to take my iCandy Peach onto the road at times.

And the need for a pedestrian crossing on the Howth Road to link the Demesne and Furry Park Road.

Keep up the good work, pal.

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its a rat run too

Yes, that stretch from the Artane roundabout down St Brigid’s Road towards the DART Station is a pure rat run. Speed bumps all the way along but some cars do be (do be is a Wexfordism, I do be locked after two pints these days etc etc) absolutely flying and practically bouncing over them. It’s a disgrace. Aodháin tried and failed to get it sorted a while back.

I tuned out at a “memorial project for WW1 veterans”. That’s peak Killester.

When did Killester start getting notions?

When they refused to add a funky moniker like Demons, Wolves or Bobcats to the name of their basketball team and insisted on just ‘Killester’

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Is premier dairy still in Killester

Ban Killester

A British Legion stronghold.

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Administrative Fingal pricks. They can’t even see the coast