Ban The Link Walsh

We can’t be having sick cunts like him around these parts.

From driving?

From everything

What did the cunt do now ??

It not what he’s done, but what he said he’d do.
I don’t want be reposting the picture but take a look at the last couple of pages of the Apprentice thread.

The cunt is not well. Not well at all at all…

The rubber bandits are giving a guide to Kilkenny tonight, I hope they can explain one or two things.

That statement on the apprentice thread was sickening. Has he no shame?!

She’d get it off the Link is all im saying on the sbject,anyone got a picture of her on the Apprentice Yer Fired??,lookin good.

The shallowness of this site lads, Link goes beyond material things like looks which I admire. :clap: