Bandage, don't go! don't leave me now, now, now

Renege on the bet and mug the cunts off… after all we have shared, I don’t think I could bear it around here anymore if you let your moniker go.

You should go on strike @Mark Renton

I will!

Where will you go Mark? Boards?

I will retire from the internet.

Boards it is so.

Good riddance.

Who will look after @Joe Player ? That’s a serious responsibility Mark.

And if @Joe Player[/USER] goes who is going to look after [USER=1517]@carryharry

Joe will be fine on his own… isn’t he tearing you and glas a new one every day.

The potential domino effect here could bring this place crashing down. :eek:

What’s all this? @carryharry[/USER] please bump the TFK catch up thread and explain what’s going on. Clearly some serious shit has gone down that I’ve missed. Probably because [USER=2692]@Joe Player has me chasing around in circles after he running rings around me all morning, the little bollix.

You sat ye are a small team. ahh

Little fish like Clare :wink:

Something about a game of soggy biscuit going horribly wrong.

No because we are all ireland champs. ye are in your words little fish

Ye are in Davy’s words little fish.