Bandage's NFL posts

Anybody notice how much of a homo he is when he’s on posting in the NFL thread. I’d swear he doesnt see half the game cause he’s on posting stuff like: “massive point in the game now” or “larry o’jarry is playing a great game” - like he’s a fookin expert.

My friends, this is sports snobbery at its worst. Tell the fattie to shut his mouth.

Also, therock67 is a complete tool

Here’s a selection of the tripe we had to listen to on Sunday:

“What a defensive stand. 'Mon the fooking Eagles.”

“Smashing punt return there. The play-offs are superb entertainment.”

"Another tremendous defensive stand there.

I bet we’ll run 3 conservative run plays in the next drive though to keep the clock running."

And the rock: “cracking game this”


Talking Balls he is there. You fooking ledge.

Shanley you fookin ledge!

You mother FUCKING ledge

Ill tell you who a no mark. Bandage.

I will slice him up at 'mania

Yap! Up! a bang bang! Jip on his face!

He’s some gobshite on the NFL thread

Some more gems from the couch potatoe:

“Good start in Charlotte. It’s 7-7 and I must say that Larry Fitzgerald is a receiver of outstanding quality.” - Yeah whatever bandage, your auld won. We all know you have sky sports

“Vintage McNabb there. Westbrook needs to step it up now.” - Fook right off

“It’s never fun punting from the back of your own endzone.” - how would you know you fat bastard. You never played jack shit.

Therock: “Was hoping for more from that drive after a promising start. Akers is a cracking kicker though.”

Bandage: “What a play by DeSean Jackson to strip the ball off yer man after the interception. That could be pivotal.”