Bandage's silence

Hi Guys :-*

I have sent bandage several pm’s recently and the fooker still has not replied. Whats the matter bandage - cat got your tongue? Dont get me wrong, i am usually complaining about boggers expressing opinion too often, but your silence is taking the piss.

If you dont reply im going to fook off to football 365! Not before i take a vow of silence here and not before i reveal everyone’s identity. I know where ye work ye kooker - baggot street bridge, ye dirt bird.

So bandage hows paddy from the 51? Is he still your lover?

Johnny-joe-jew spaz licks

Paddy from the 51 is a good lad. Hes not my lover as hes forever too busy trying to bang any bird that moves. Some day I hope to catch his eye. :’(

Hey ball lad, no pm’s received from you today. You gone all shy on me son?