I have made a number of withdrawals from some bookmakers recently, I am Ulster bank and was concerned when I checked my current account today and my balance was low by exactly those amounts. Should I be worried?

How many other banks are involved? Are Natwest, RBS and UB all the one?

Afraid so…

Some years ago a similar issue happened in AIB on the Fri of a bank holiday weekend.

Some bright spark decided that the best course of action was to apply an automatic overdraft limit on everyone’s account for the max they could withdraw out of the banklink, so that nobody would be affected by the fact that no wages etc had been played. This was done nationwide, without telling the customers. Word spread like wildfire that he machines were ‘broken’ and giving out cash even if you had no money in it.

Every machine in the country was emptied in record time

This must be something very serious that has festered over time and suddenly exploded over the past couple of days. I would imagine they have systems replicating to back up systems that they could switch over to straight away if it was just a once off error. But if it was a data corruption issue that was on going then it may also have affected the backup systems too before anyone realised what was going on.

I bet some poxy stupid ego maniac of a programmer deployed a bit of code and it fucked up everything. Having been an IT guy supporting stuff like this in the past, I’d say they are spending more time answering stupid questions from idiots than actually solving the problem. :slight_smile:

I am with ulsterbank and my wages haven’t gone in yet. :shakefist:

Ye should move your money to banks abroad in the Cayman Islands or off the tip of Africa…


is that the guy fixing the problem? :slight_smile:

I had one guy who decided that he would go home in the middle of an outage. Thought because he was in another country we wouldn’t know that he had left.

Looks like the problem is going to last until monday. :frowning:

RBS group sacked over 1,000 IT staff last year. Good enough for them :shakefist:

I wonder where they moved their IT support too?

Ah for fuck sake, Joe Duffy trying to understand patching. :smiley:

I believe they have the problem resolved

I’d imagine a lot of Ulster Bank customers are going to even more pissed off today with RBS annoucing they have cleared the backlogs in the English banks and will now focus their full attention on clearing the backlog with Ulster Bank transactions. You’d imagine the volumes in the UK would have been far far higher, so it looks like they haven’t been doing a whole pile in trying to clear the ulster bank queue to date.

Still not fixed and no time frame for it to be resolved. Fuckin hell.

Runt, could you provide an IT professional’s best guess at what the problem is?