Barcelona Nou Camp tickets

Anyone have any experience in getting tickets for a Barcelona match in the Nou Camp? I’m over there in a couple of weeks when they are at home to Mallorca in a league match, so I would love to see them. I had a look on their website there, and while there are tickets available, it doesn’t seem to be possible to get two together.

Any suggestions on other sources?

As mentioned to you before:

  1. your hotel should be able to source them.
  2. Pikeman might still be a member - ask him.
  3. You can usually just get them around the stadium if you go up the day before. They have a member sellback scheme thing too where season ticket holders can sell their tickets back to the club if they’re not using them I think.

RTT and I went on a romantic weekend to Barcelona before, and we got tickets from the club the day before the game.
There were 7 of us in total and we got them all together, but granted we were right up at the back behind the goals.


I would have liked to source them before I go over if possible, but it appears that I may be better off sourcing them over there.

I’m sure you could buy them from an agency before you go but you’d probably end up paying over the odds.

Pikeman is still a member. I’ll remind him to have a look in during the next 24 hours if he doesn’t log on himself.

Still a member alright but you’ll definitely get tickets over there on the day or the days before even. It probably says now on the site or wherever you’re looking that most of the tickets are sold out but what always happens is 3 or 4 days before a game, all the members tickets that go unclaimed for the game go up for sale. So you’re usually talking about 10000 extra tickets or something like that becoming available for the “less attractive” games. Mallorca shouldn’t be in too much demand anyway.

Cheers Pikeman.

thanks mate