Barnet chester

barnet vs chester

backing barnet

hopefully make it 3 in a row

Do you know something here NCC? Barnet have only won 6 times this season…

have they? just loads matched on the game on betfair compared to other ones - price on barnet dropping a bit

Just missed out on this as it’s kicked off.

Barnet are leading 3-1 at the moment.

good stuff

That isn’t really a great gambling strategy.

[quote=“Sledgehammer”]That isn’t really a great gambling strategy.[/quote],

true - more of a fun bet on a saturday - just see is there any good threads on the soccer forum & see what the market is like

3 weeks in a row is good though

Anyone know where I can get Blue Square South latest scores? Backed Mansfield, who are in the BSP, and I can see they won, but BBC or Sky Sports sites don’t seem to give live scores for BS South and North. bbc gives fixtures and results, but no latest scores.

they won

I know Mansfield won, I am looking for Blue Square South and North latest scores, livescore don’t have them.

Not to worry, actually found it on the Soccer Saturday pop up on Sky Sports website, the other bet was Bromley and they seem to have won as well.


who are you looking for?

It’s interesting that you can see how much has been staked on betfair for certain events. I wonder would it also apply to horses? Such as the Ballymore Properties race at Cheltenham for example? By the way i wouldn’t consider it the best betting strategy, but granted you have been successful for three weeks in a row…

there has been threads on the forum as well which would say why the team would be backed- this would directly affect the amount matched so it probably doesnt make sense to check the amount matched but if a lot of people are confident & the odds are good why not throw some money on

So can you see what’s been staked for certain horse races? I actually have a betfair account as well, but just so i can see what’s happening in the forums, i’ve never actually put money into my account or made a bet and nor do i have any intention of doing so. By the way there’s better forums out there than betfair imo for betting advice / tips / discussion.

You can see on any market on betfair how much has been matched.