Basques v Huns tonight

Fights between hun fans and police.

Plenty of tricolours and hoops tops in Osasuna end. ;D

Game is on Setanta Ireland by the way. If you’d prefer to watch Aston Villa v Arsenal then go to the multimedia forum.

Always nice to see the Huns go out - thoroughly outplayed over the 90 minutes by an Osasuna team who didn’t start Raul Garca, their star playmaker (bound for Real Madrid possibly) or David Lopez.

The bhoy Azpilicueta who started on the wing for Osasuna instead of Lopez looks a decent player at 17.

Some photos of the hun crowd:

Was absolutely delighted to see them go out and don’t care about the Scottish co-efficient at all.

Hardly a surprise to see their support and the riot police getting to know each other either.

This pack of filth aren’t even allowed to play pre-season games in England for fear of crowd trouble so it’s always the same with them in high stakes European games. They were an utter disgrace when going out in Villareal last year too.

Look at the hun in the middle of this photo - ‘Bring it fookin’ on’:

Look at the same hun in the bottom of the 2nd picture - ‘I want my mammy’:

I hate the way the lump Celtic in aswell with their reference to the ‘Old Firm’.

Sure we travel without tickets on occasion but we never, ever cause any trouble.

See 80,000 in Seville and the subsequent awards from FIFA and UEFA to the supporters.

Then we get compared to this filth everytime they go on the rampage as if we’re two sides of the one coin.

I’m 90% sure that article has been edited since last night. I read Ewan Murray’s Guardian match report last night and it was very good - I didn’t notice any reference to the Celtic fans, though I did read it quickly.

Fantastic article by the best sportswriter around. The guys who aren’t afraid to call it like it is about the Huns (McIllvaney, McCarra etc.) have all had to leave the Scottish media before they’ve been given an opportunity to tell the truth.

Just read that. A superb piece and the point about writers such as McIlvanney having to leave Scotland to have the truth printed is very apt.

All the main Scottish titles are leading with the ‘poor organisation, no segregation’ line trying to shift the blame away from what are basically a bunch of scum, nazi, filth out to cause mayhem.

Some photoshops of the frightened hun: