Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Star Wars & Star Trek - Earth calling Orson

Signing in.

12.05 showing?

In, can’t wait now and I have no shame in being a big fan since I was a kid! let the usual bashers work away we couldn’t give an Obi Wan fuck.

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Was thinking of it but might have to bring the nephew (5) on Saturday morning.

Think i’m gonna watch the original three between tonight/tomorrow.

Fuck off and talk about this in person with the children in your class, you weird gimps.



Should be no bother to view it twice. Had planned on nipping out Thursday but looking like I could have to wait until Sunday myself. Not ideal.

Already done. Its unreal.

Is that what you do when it comes to wrestle-mania, pal?

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Ah lovely just like clockwork!

I’m seething. I’m off to the barber’s in a bad mood now.

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you’d want to be spacing those barber trips out sport, you cant have too many left.


Signing in. At home sick now watching esb.

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Not signing in.
Have never watched a Star Wars film all the way through.
I remember all the hoopla and bullshit about it when the first one came out. Lads going into Limerick to watch it and wouldn’t shut up about it after for days. Talking about how there was two robots walking across a desert for half an hour, and how great it was. Fuck off.
Didn’t understand the hoopla then and still don’t.


can’t wait

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Signing in. Going Friday evening to see it


Fuck you jarjar cunt

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This is going to be off the chain

Still on here?
Does your wife hate you too?

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