Benny Shermin\'s Birthday Thang!

I’ve got my prettiest pink shirt at the ready, I’ve polished my shoeage, and taken up my jeans that are around 3 inches to big for me!

The question is… Who’s joining me for pintage in the Oak @ Thomas Reid’s, Dame Street, 10pm Saturday night?

I’ll think about it. Are you getting Shaggys sister to DJ? I like her.

Myself, Clarkey and Tinnion are heading to Galway this weekend so can’t make it

Let me just say that NO alcohol will be taken under ANY circumstances

id love to celebrate your special day Ben but am off the drink for November


Ah come on Raven. We’ll sort out this Garda loving coont that ben knows!

I actually wasn’t calling Raven a weirdo, I was calling Farmer one.

Benji, 2 excuses:

  1. I’m off drink
  2. I’m at a gig on Saturday night.

BenShermin wrote:

I actually wasn’t calling Raven a weirdo, I was calling Farmer one.

thanks Ben , I was a little perturbed there

What’s this off drink thing all about, (not directed at yourself Rocko) but everyone else. Everybody knows that January is the month for not gargling

I hate the no drink in January thing.

If Bens birthday last year is anything to go by it’ll be loose as fook!

Will there be any serious burners there Ben? You know, birds looking for a bit of global moderator cock?

We are expecting a few alright. We’ll know tomorrow afternoon what the state of play is with the birds. Piss porn woman will probably be there :wink:

That last post was piss poor Flango

everything okay between you 2, very terse with each other this week