Best and Worst Irish Accent in a Movie



Irish accent in a movie


Jon Voight, The General


Kevin Spacey, Ordinary Decent Criminal

Worst would have to be The Commitments .
The Dublin accent is awful.

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That English actor does a great mix of Wesht of Ireland /pikey accent in calm with horses …

Not a movie but the accents in sons of anarchy were horrific

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Best: Brad Pitt in ‘Snatch’

Worst: Brad Pitt in ‘The Devil’s Own’


‘Yer a corker Shannen’

Richard Gere played an IRA bomber in the Jackel and had an a pretty piss poor attempt at an Irish accent

Best: Daniel Day Lewis - take your pick My Left Foot, ItNotF or The Boxer
Worst: Julia Roberts in Michael Collins, an abomination

Best - Paddy Considine ‘in America’

Worst - Tom Cruise ‘far and away’

Does it have to be a movie?

The English lady in Normal People had a decent Irish accent,

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Best Daniel Day Lewis
Worst The entire cast of Fair City


Best - Richard Harris , The Field

Worst - Steven Rea , The Crying Game

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Best - everyone in The Butcher Boy
Worst - everyone in What Richard Did.

Saw a movie on RTÉ one night called leap year. The male lead had the worst accent I’ve ever heard, Amy Adams was the female lead.

The Rock of Dunamase looked magnificent in it


From 3.10

The Town - another one of those shows i can’t help but watch whenever it’s on. But my god, Fergie…