Best Hurler In The World

Well, who the fook is it at present?

Easy. Shefflin. btw bandage, why isn’t Andrew ‘Shaughs’ O’Shaughnessy on your list??? He’s a close 3rd, behind Shefflin and Tommy Walsh.

He had an exceptional season last year alright. However, I think the nine players I specifically mentioned are better players than him!

Tommy for me. 5 All Stars in 5 different positions tells its own story.

Great player.

He annoys me though. I was hoping Stephen Nolan would nail him last year that time*. Ah well, there’s always this year.

  • Bandage does not condone dirty onfield play.

tommy walsh is the best pound or pound hurler in the country…his ability under a dropping ball for a lad his height is unbelievable…

how come joe canning isnt on the list…also i would consider martin comerford and eddie brennan better hurlers than joe deane or ben o conner presently…

Quite frankly Bandage your list is a bags!

In my defence I considered the omitted players and that’s why I have the ‘other - please specify’ option! Also, 3 Kilkenny players is reminder enough of how good they are and I didn’t want to make it 5. As for Joe Canning, for all his Portumna, minor, U-21 and Fitzgibbon Cup feats (which are very, very impressive), he needs to play and impress in a senior campaign for Galway before he makes my list. In short, get fooked - it’s my list and I’ll do what I want with it!

Tommy Walsh for me. Better all round hurler than Sheflin, Cha and Eoin Kelly who would be the closeest to him. Seeing Ben O’Connor on it made me laugh, 3 or 4 years ago maybe but nowhere near it now. Agreed re Canning, expect to see him make his debut in the league semi in 2 weeks.

I didn’t expect you to agree with me on Canning but I’m looking forward to seeing where Galway utilise him. What position do you anticipate him playing in Jack?

He’s a class act but you can’t really have him up there with the likes of Tommy and Sheflin until he’s done it for the Galway seniors. I think he’ll be full forward same as he is for the club, don’t think he’s mobile enough for centre forward. Maybe if he loses a stone or two he’s long term future may be centre forward but I think he’ll be Galway number 14 this summer.
Get the ball into his hand and he’s deadly. Really looking foward to seeing how he gets on.

Heard an interview with Ollie Canning after the Birr match and he said that he was considering going back as well…

Any more news on that?

[quote=“farmerinthecity”]Heard an interview with Ollie Canning after the Birr match and he said that he was considering going back as well…

Any more news on that?[/quote]

No still waiting for word on whether Ollie is going back or not. He hasn’t gone back with them yet anyway. Hopefully he’ll go back for another year, he’d be a big addition in the corner.