Best Individual Performance of the GAA Championship So Far

So what do you all reckon?

It’s a tough one I must say.

  1. Ollie Moran knocked over 5 points from play and made the awesome catch and lay-off for the equalising goal.

  2. Cian Ward came on and pointed 2 '45s, a line ball from a ridiculous angle and won and converted another crucial free. Talk about being an impact substitute.

  3. Still haven’t seen this game (going to watch it on Setanta at 7pm) but Mullane is reported to have been sensational. 1-4 from play and a tremendous all round display.

  4. Dooher left the field to a standing ovation after kicking 5 points from play, taking some serious hits and still getting through the mountain of work he’s renowned for.

  5. Vaughan was superb on Sunday from both play and dead balls. He knocked over some fantastic scores from different angles and distances and was critical to Dublin’s victory.

  6. Jugs really has been in impressive form so far this season. After settling for a score down in Kilkenny the week before, Jugs by all accounts really went for the jugular (pun intended) in Copper’s on Sunday night. Apparently the fat bird was (somehow) swept off her feet and Jugs and her retreated back to Tempelogue for a night of unbridled passion. It seems that come championship season every hole’s a goal for Jugs. The Luas commute home after getting lost in Tempelogue, walking around for 90 minutes and then ending up in Windy Arbour was particularly sensational. As were the looks Jugs was getting from the Monday morning workforce as he stood there in his beer-soaked, sweat-stained Wexford jersey. Wonderful. And he didn’t shit on her floor either.

A very tough choice but for me it’s between Moran and Jugs. I think Jugs just shades it. hi5

I’ve gone Vaughan because it’s one of only a couple I witnessed. It was better than Ward’s because it was less of a cameo.

Good effort from Jugs though - if he keeps picking up the scores he’ll get himself an All Star by the end of the summer.

i think polling rules prevent me from voting for myself so i went for Ollie Moran - superb exhibition of fielding and point scoring.

can i just pay tribute to bandage and the stern competition he provided me with on sunday. we battled it out all the way and while my direct long ball tactics overcame his more intense and intricate maneouvers, without him i would never have risen to such heights hi5

sunday may have been my tommy murphy cup first round pre qualifier on the heavy sod in rain soaked tullamore but before this coppers championship season is over i will have my all ireland.

Dooher for me

Haven’t seen any matches in the flesh yet though

Purely based on TV. Six points fron play as well

That’s Bandage all over isn’t it? Inspires those around them to better things - my only hope is that his industry gets the break it deserves one day.