Best New Poster 2014

@Gary Birtles Lovechild :clap::clap:

End of thread.



@Bad Winner[/USER] will walk this after his mugging off of [USER=1796]@Mark Renton

So far @Bad Winner for me too. He knows his shit.

@Bad Winner joined in 2013, so looks like he’s out.

Where was this, pal?

@Joe Player has this in the bag

Where what limerick man

The guy has been a breath of fresh air.

we haven’t seen the like since Gerry Quinns Eyeball back on AFR

Joe Playa’s got game

I would like to recommend Batt the Ladd as best new poster.

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@The Scouse Cafu :wink:

Jesus @dodgy-keeper .

Are negotiations underway for a transfer to

Eyeball Quinn surely?

Rust Cohle’s posts have been few but when he posts, you read.

Another trimble classic

Are ye taking the piss? How has my impact gone unmentioned in this thread?? Im fucking tearing shit up around here!!