Best song ever Heat 2

Pick a winner from Heat 2

This could be a cliffhanger

Great showing from Tuam’s finest here

Fuckin hell. None of them are worth a vote

Throw up a link there to one of your top tens, runt.


God only knows how people could vote for anything other than the wonderful Into My Arms by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Fucks sake Bandage…Is O’Dowd loose on his own with this draw thing??
He’s worse than that cunt Sepp Blatter…Do something man, you that has the Opera House…

Boxty, you have to let the youngsters off at some stage. Fagan’s shown good iniative here and let’s see how he prospers. I can’t be watching him all the time.

I can’t believe the nine votes for the Sawdoctors. Not even their greatest work.

Poll closed. Beach Boys go through

Red Cortina is a fine effort. Would have it ahead of God Only Knows.

+1 stone cold classic