Best Ways to Get blind Drunk!

All ya need is half a barrel of Arthurs Finest,

  • Note the Old Glass,

Follwed by a bottle of this stuff!!

Myself and Ben Found this out last night, I was so Fucked I don’t remember any thing after drinking the sackville Lounge out of all its Irish Mist!!!
Wen’t down today to get a bottle for the Whiskey Collection!

I haven’t been as drunk as I was last night in a long time, that Irish Mist will fooking ruin you. Nitelink home is a complete blur to me.

I can only remeber running off the bus, putting my head on a red Steel fence, and then waking up this morning still fully dressed (boots and all) in my bed!

Haven’t been like that in years!!!

And I think we woke half of town up with our shouting on Westmorlands Street!!!

Random Ramblings and so forth.