Big Game Bottlers

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo.
  1. Arsene Wenger
  1. John Leahy


What’s Lar’s record? 2-1 against ?


  1. Thierry Henry
  2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Any Limerick hurler.

Easy pot shot.

Take that back right this instant!!

Gary kirbys fingers

That ones got layers

Peyton Manning.

Sergio Garcia…Zlatan…micheal carrick…

Irish rogbee team



Not a sport.

don’t agree…I’ve seen Mayo play in 6 all Irelands and I reckon they weren’t entitled or expected to win any one of them…Cork in '89 I think it was were a much better team…the meath team of '96 was a super team…Kerry in '97 had probably the greatest footballer ever at the peak of his powers in Maurice fitzgerald…Mayo were no match for the Kerry team of the noughties and were very arrogant to think they could match them in an open game of football…Donegal last year were not going to be stopped by anyone…

Kerry in 1997 were a really, really average team and Mayo bottled it big time against them.

Of the two I would have said 96 was the bigger bottling.

yeah maybe…I suppose having the lead and then Meath getting the point that bounced over the bar at the end to force a replay…but then again that Meath team were famous for coming back… the other times they were simply outclassed…
Maurice Fitzgerald simply outclassed Mayo on the day in '97…