Biggest Laughing Stock In Football Currently

Celtic or Manchester Utd ?

You forgot to include the LOI mate.


paul mannion , couldn’t get into ucd’s 4th team

More like atrocity

Leeds United.


has to be celtic. Its one thing to get walloped 4 - 0 but its something else entirely to get utterly trounced by an opponent, then be re instated in a totally farcical way and then lose anyway in your own pitch to a bunch of lads who were afraid of their lives for most of the match until it finally dawned on them how utterly cr4p celtic were.


I imagine tan’s computer doesnt like swear words.

It still has the old AFR settings where it wouldn’t allow you to cruse.

Can you imagine the sort of tard who would think crap is that bad of a swear word it needs to be censored?

did you try to cruse a lot on AFR ?

Roddy Collins

has to be Liverpool, their fans spent all least year adoring the racially convicted cannibal, then as the first chance of a warm clime he discards them like used toilet paper

You discard used toilet paper in Clare?

yup, why - do you hold onto it?

that is some clamping farmer is after suffering there, he walked right into it


I wonder if i could get some of Kids toilet paper to clean up the crap. obviously i wont be borrowing any of farmers

The mugs who were laughing at the Assombalonga signing on the Championship thread.

Who’s laughing now dickheads:D