Blanchardstown Shopping Centre evacuated

Armed Gardai have evacuated the Shopping Centre.

Apparently some young lad going around with a rifle


Halawa is only back a week and look where we are?
cc @Tassotti


Was it this lad that was missing from Clare that caused Blanchardstown shopping centre to be evacuated?

It was indeed. Mad fucker

We need to build a wall to protect us from roasters. :grinning:


It’s a long, long way from Clare to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

Build away, build away

Probably mistaken identity, nobody detained.

Gardai were right to intervene, hopefully that lad is located and gets the help he needs…

clare has produced some phenomenal lunatics down thru the years, Brendan Patrick O’Donnell was one of my favourites, that lad was a supreme madman

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