Blue canarey in the alley by the lightswitch


I love this song


A cracking song


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Flood is a great album from start to finish.

Is it not blue canary in the attic?

Dunno to be fair. I always heard alley but could well be wrong.
As I am in my spelling of canary.

Odd, I always thought they said alley but attic makes more sense.
According to my cd sleeve, it’s neither

I don’t think it’s really supposed to make sense

Could be a tag line for TFK

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It’s just a bit more plausible to have a lightswitch in an attic but I take your point.

Wonderful song.

House martins caravan of love and flying pickets only you come to mind also.

Excellent stuff.

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For me only probably.

The yanks refer to a socket as an outlet. Could tie in with the other electrical / lighting references. Makes perfect sense.

cc. @Julio_Geordio

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