Boat needed galway July 21st

Bit of a long shot, but I’m looking for two boats for the galway bay swim on Saturday July 21st either to borrow or to relatively cheaply rent.
If anyone would drive then better again. It’s for the Frances Thornton memorial swim and all the money we raise will go to the charity (Cancer care West)
I have a boat myself, but the two lads coming over don’t as yet. They came first and third two years ago so they’ll take about three hours, setting off about 2k off the coast of kinvara, and finishing at Blackrock in salthill.
I may even buy a boat to avoid all this in the future, but I’m stuck at present. The organisers seem to have tightened the regs a bit this year, which is about right as it’s a long way from the middle to any shore.
If anyone knows anyone I could ask that’d be a big help.
I’m happy to cover any costs personally.

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I’ll offer to mind the money for you this time.


Good lad. Every little helps. I might give it to @Copper_pipe and it might grow a nought overnight. :+1:



I think you’ve misunderstood the bit about swimming?

@The_Selfish_Giant, you’re always giving it big licks about the yacht club. Time to front up

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I’m sailing across the med that weekend mate

Your master surely has more than 1 boat

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