Bogstandard GAA photos


1973 All Ireland. I was at that match.


These lads are tramps yet your coming in your pants about Patrick Durcan battering Peter Harte yesterday?


Every team needs a tramp. Dublin have a surfeit of them. And maybe you enjoy tugging the stomach out of yourself over it, but I don’t ejaculate about GAA you odd little man.


What’s with all the aggression?


Chips on shoulders can cause that.


I stubbed my toe this morning.


I hope you walk into traffic.



I was at that game. It was a great afternoon’s entertainment


He’s in Castlebar on Sunday


Looks like the guard is trying to issue the ref a speeding ticket




Who are the 2 women? The one on the right half looks like former RTE employee Aoife Kavanagh.


Dunno, pal.

Saw the photo on Larry’s Bookface page & thought it deserved to be put up here.


John’s wife and Tom’s wife.


Who is the simpleton holding the cup?


Either a London GAA head or a relative of Liam McCarthy. Taken on a junket to London in autumn 1996.

Cc Limerick lads it could’ve been some of yours.


Tom with hair is a strange sight