Bogstandard 🐐 GAA photos

A thread for @myboyblue to use instead of cluttering up the great sporting photos thread with his tripe.


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I tried to copy and paste a pic and fuck all happened… i’m not sure if i’m excelling over here or if I haven’t taken the move well. I’m flummoxed.

I’m gonna thrive on this thread


Even just post in a link then CM:

<img src='//'>


If you’re struggling, make sure it’s on its own line first. It’s slightly different otherwise.

Sound… I;m a useless cunt at the best of times…ask @HBV, he’ll vouch for me.

There are Nordie bog ballers in some of these photos who are neither dragging, nor leathering the shite out of each other. Clearly not run of the mill.

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bump the people who look slow thread…

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Excellent line out technique on show from Hanley.

That chap is from my home club, don’t think he ever played hurling in his life, a bit of a gobshite. These are the types who go to become inter county referees.

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Tis an awful shame you never took up the whistle yourself Fran.


Is that a slimline @Bandage back in his pomp?

What year was that?? I dont remember attending and I certainly don’t remember owning that hat.

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1976 mate. Just picture the fella on the right with a thinsulate hat.

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