Bohs FC 2011 Audited Financial Statements Released

What the fuck? You can’t even copy and paste properly now? You’re a wreck.



[font=Arial][size=3]Dalymount is valued at €9 million in the accounts, a long way short of the reported €65 million valuation agreed with Liam Carroll’s Danninger in 2006.[/size][/font]


Fair plays to bohs for trying to pay their debts in full :clap:

The problem for Bohs and the rest in the league is that soccer just isn’t popular amongst the Irish public. Rugby and GAA leave it miles behind.

MOJ :rolleyes:

nah,the problem for bohs is that they are basically insolvent due to spending way too much on wages

Like Shels, Shams, Derry, Cork, Galway, Fingal, Kilkenny, etc etc

Nobody goes to LOI games, it’s just not a popular sport with the Irish public unfortunately.

their budget should have reflected what their income was- they also failed at the property game

its not the irish publics fault that fc biggles & shels spent too much money while their fans had their heads in the sand

one of the truely(only?) great thing that happened in Irish sport recenlty is how SRFC fans took control of their club by forcing it into admin

Yes indeed, screwing loads of people out of money is such a noble thing to do. The Shams will be heading back into admin the way they are carrying on anyway. Brian Laws as interim director of football ffs :lol:

its called examinership mate & the fans forced the club into it so as to take over the club

have a look there mate to see our robust financial position

You’re position won’t be robust for long if you keep sacking managers with massive pay offs, overpaying dud players and miss out on European football. Your set of accounts next year will be scary.

I’d also love to see Sligo’s accounts. The rumours have been strong about them for a long time.

SRFC didnt budget for a european run - its sound financial management not to budget for money that they dont have

oddly enough when Im doing my monthly budget I do include winnings from dunphs tips in it but maybe Im a bit of a maverick in that respect-SRFC dont budget for money they dont have

You’re talking out your arse, You budgeted for CL football and average crowds of 4,500. Next year will be fun for you when your money runs out, you haven’t learnt your lesson. No LOI club ever learns the lessons.

no we didnt