Boo at your scientists

We’ve had clap for our healthcare workers to show our appreciation of them so I’m now proposing a boooo at your scientists to show our disdain at them.

It’s a big fucking


From me


How about a big fuck you, for your lord and saviour. If you believe in him, then surely you believe he visited this plague upon us?

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We’re all God’s children, what he does he does out of love.

@caulifloweredneanderthal another one

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Ah here … you’re worse… he’s been trying to spark this shit for months with very little return.

Noted, and muted.

Much appreciated as always pal.

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People who mock science tend to be the most dimwitted people on the planet. Without medical science we would still have millions afflicted with polio, TB, millions dying from AIDS, and millions of people who had what was once once fatal cancer and are alive today, including millions of children who have survived childhood leukemia (98% remission, and >90% cured).

Said morons also tend to be the most “religious”, in the blind faith absolute belief in nonsense sense of the word. There’s nothing wrong with religion and religious practice, as long as it doesn’t intrude where it doesn’t belong i.e. science or the legal system.


Science is the truth any rational person can’t argue against it

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It’s the closest thing to the truth we have.

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But but but… he had a dip in the baths in Lourdes.

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Like a direct line to God, I doubt they are open at the moment.

I think it was shut down with lockdown. Never been and probably will never be hopeless enough to go but in only found out recently that it’s in a cave and they strip you bollocks naked, fuck you in freezing water and Make you air dry no towels, as towels are the tools of the devil. I’ll take science any day over that


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Yup a mild flu is worse than a plague now. Its a snowflakes world, the rest of us just coccoon in it

The science crew aren’t taking too well to being mugged off by a virus.