Bookmakers and general Money Laundering on the Dark Web

Absolutely no way the gucci is making 40k a month and heading up and down to the races on a green bus


No not at all. Whoever takes on the white labelled version is in charge of their own pricing. But most would price up initially based on feeds and then have built in liability management that would automatically adjust based on industry changes or money taken

Who is the Gucci?

A social media tipster from Galway. The definition of a latchiko


Making handy money by the looks of things.

Fools and their money…

Them shirt buttons could take Gucci’s eyes out.


By god.

That’s mental, has he a good record?

Lads just firing money away getting “advice” from these experts.

He is fine, not someone you would say is in the know. Some game if you can get a lad to from it for you.

I’ll have to get the Romanian friends of mine on this.

Did a lucky 15 on a machine while I was waiting for a colleague last week. Forgot completely about it.

Went to do a first goal scorer bet on tonight’s match (Jota, FYI) and scanned the docket on the machine to see if there might be a fiver on it. Turns out I’d won 617 euro.

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Probably the first customer to be restricted

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We all become the thing we hate

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What an arrogant cunt.