Bookmakers and general Money Laundering on the Dark Web

Bookies dont really want to lay a bet outside of big meetings anymore. To be honest, you cant blame them. The game is so corrupt, they would rather focus on football and the like.

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You posted up an example of an Irish based bookie with a UK licence talking about what he has to do with UK customers. At no point have you provided a single shred of evidence that shows that anyone betting in Ireland with an Irish based bookie has been subject to an affordability check, despite claiming it’s widespread


Racing has its self to blame for a lot of that tbf.

Fitzdares ceo saying racing makes up 60 percent of their turnover is surprising given they are meant to be one of these high brand racing bookmakers.

I can’t imagine rushing to them to have a bet on the football anyway.

Yes I did

Their hand was forced on the credit cards. They are breaking the law with their cartoon racing and roulette number games, which is actually the equivalent of FOBTs. It’s the same with all the casinos in the state, which are totally illegal under the 1956 gaming and lotteries Act, yet nobody is enforcing the current legislation. The bookies are afraid of their lives of the new proposed legislation, as it will hit their bottom line, which is big losing accounts

Ive lost all interest. I did not watch any race at Cheltenham live this year and was first year in 30 I did not have a bet. The game is broke and there is too many vested interests to try and fix it.

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You actually didn’t but have yourself convinced you did.

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Too many people on the take basically. Royal Ascot eats Cheltenham in pretty much every aspect.

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It does.

Flat will survive cos of breeding and bloodstock. I’m genuinely worried about the future of NH. It’s dying away in front of us and no one seems to see it as an issue. Like a bunch of lads enjoying a few brandies on the Titanic as the iceberg looms and laughing away to themselves how good a view of the iceberg they have in comparison to the lads below in steerage


It’s sad really but that’s greed. Saw at goffs again decent people getting fleeced by the same people over and over again to buy horses.

You have the race courses taking the biscuit with media rights by all accounts and then the bookmakers restricting anybody with a clue to buttons.

I guess that just the way of the world.

One of the often dismissed reasons for the demise of jumps racing is bloodstock and it really annoys me.

Certain operations are using stallions to cover 300 mares by 4 years before there’s any results.

You’ve a 1000 horses on the go before everyone realises they have physical issues or wind issues.

That is what is really crippling jumps racing now. There isn’t that many horses able to stand the training. They are riddled with physical injuries and simply can’t stay the trip.

If they regulated the breeding racing would become more competitive over jumps.

Similar on the flat that’s why you have so much bottom end racing to cater for the horse population.

Hi all,

So I put an accumator bet on the UK general election. I put the bet on in a PP shop at the counter (I rarely bet these days and don’t have any online accounts). The bet was successful (€20 at 66/1) but I now see reading PP rules that they only allow single bets on the UK constituencies. Will they refund me the stake (€20) or have I any cause to complain as they accepted the bet and I never got a refund what I put it on? Any advice would be appreciated.

They will hardly payout as thats there modus operandi these days- They might split it into singles for you-

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I’m surprised lads are still rising to the chap above.

It’s bizarre, while at times he clearly speaks well on the industry there are times where replies look like copy & paste efforts with grammatical errors throughout them.

I don’t know of another poster with the two tone style of posting.

  • one style is perfectly coherent and reads perfectly
  • the other style reads like efforts a 12 year old wum

Very strange behaviour

Hiding it away on RUK killed it in Ireland anyway


Could be wrong but I think in theses cases they pay out on the best odds of one of the singles, so if thats the case you’ll get paid €60 back