Bord gais heat!

Has anyone hear ever came across them. They provide “energy” to apartment blocks around Dublin as far as I can tell. They claim to be a subsidiary of bord gais but there is no record of that to be found online. Their only presence online is a thread on boards with people in the ifsc giving out like fuck about them and being charged massive bill. I called them up to enquire about billing . When I asked what they roughly charge I was told I’d have to wait for a bill to find out ! They sound like a shower of chancers but I have no option but to sign up as the apartment has no other way to heat water or heat the place.

There are companies out there that manage the heating and facilities
for apartment blocks. They buy energy off Bord Gais etc and sell it on under
EPC contracts. Its common practice in Europe but slowly catching on here…

These guys are an example.

Your guys sound dodge, unless of course it’s a subsidiary of
Bord Gais that’s specializing in this.

This would come under the broad category of ESCo’s i.e. Energy Supply Companies. The theory is that instead of having a boiler in every apt you have a centralised boiler which each apt is connected to and then you only pull heat off the circuit as required and this is measured by a heat meter. In theory, these should be more efficient as you’re only paying for the energy you use and also allows more options for the centralised energy centre including renewable options.

In terms of pricing, it would be very good to understand what their mechanism is and how much they charge per kWh - they should definitely be able to answer that. That would allow you to compare against other energy types.

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@tallback seems to have a better grip on things so listen to him, I am out of the game nearly 10 years at this stage.

Yeah I have a grasp of what the system is but find it hard to believe that being a subsidiary of bord gais they have no online presence and the only point of contact is a phone number. I pay my electricity through bord gais and asked could I get it all in one bill and was told no. It’s sounds dodgy as hell. On the thread on boards it was people in custom house square in the ifsc complaining about bills in the thousands and by the looks of it frontlineenergy who KP mentioned came in and took it over. All they have sent out is a direct debit mandate and a cover letter with no real info.

Front line are alright. They are sorting shit out all over the town.

Loads of blocks went central block heating or with CHP but most managing agents hadn’t a fuckin clue what was going on. Some blocks had excess energy which instead of selling it back into the network, which they could do they just got rid of it cos they were clueless. Managing Agents haven’t a fuckin clue about these systems or the efficient way of running it.

Most just billed for usage as well with no standard charge for the boilers/equipment…one day the boiler will go and the heat and hot water will just shut down and good luck.

Not good that Frontline just sent bills out but normally they’d call a meeting and say what’s what… In my experience if they are in your block now count yourself lucky!

My dodgy crowd got the boot and frontline energy have taken over since may. Just got a bill. Frontline the pricks have doubled the rate. 285 for two months in the summer where we are not even using the heating !! FML. What will that be like in the winter with herself having the heating going all day :eek:

They up bills to take into account equipment which haven’t been funded.

Most time there is no sinking fund and the common heating system isn’t worth shit.

They’re decent, I deal with them regularly although not on domestic jobs. PM me.

Yep, have dealt with them in the past. Dave Connolly would be an all right sort. They look to have created a lovely log term niche for themselves.