Boxing II

How in the name of fuck could you score a single round against KT there


Read KT got 150k v Belgian in NY.

She is thoroughly admirable, talented and throws every punch textbook. She mustve been some soccer player. She has beautiful balance and skills.

Woman’s boxing isn’t really a draw though. They gave this away on YouTube.

They wanted to do a fight for her in Bray when she first turned over, but it didn’t sell well. She is admired but people won’t pay to see women box I dont think. Id say she has made most of her money from endorsements.

She is a great person but she is going to brain one of these girls. There isn’t the depth for these mandatorily.

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Hearn is some operator lads. What a fucking spoofer :joy:


Mandatories rather

The real funny thing here is that the amateur game was closing in on Katie .

The pro game in women’s boxing isn’t really viable . KT is a star but the opposition in fairly barren .

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She has everything you want in a fighter except sleeping powder in her hands.

Quick, reflexes, agile, brave, technical.

If she had power she’d kill these opponents stone dead

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The 2 minute rounds work against her a small bit as the rounds seem to end when she has them going.

Persoon gave her enough of it the first night

She is probably vulnerable to a big strong girl who knows what she is at.

By god she did & IMO was blackguarded. KT won well the second night . The first decision told me a lot .

Persoon works as a cop in Belgium

I’d like to see her fight that British girl. She is fast

She’s vulnerable to someone who will keep walking into her punches as she doesn’t seem to have the power to put people down so if you can keep stepping into her and swinging you’ll have a punchers chance. She also seems to be willing to brawl as she did against Persoon when she has no need whatsoever to get drawn into it as she’s so technically superior

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That one on the commentary? She’s giving it big licks the last two nights

Yeah, she seems game and she’s no mug.

Katie would fight anyone put in front of her. Hearn needs to stop making these bullshit fights

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It’s womens boxing mate, chillax, no one gives a fuck. Eddie makes more with John Ryder v Rocky Fielding, he’s going through the motions here.

Kel Brook v Crawdaddy on ESPN in about 90 minutes.

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Testicles. Not quite everything

Kell Brook destroyed, needs to hang them up. Looked physically in great shape but buckled at the first good punch Crawford landed. He had a great chin pre ggg but he’s done.

Joe Joyce vs Daniel Dubois next on BT

Fancy Dubois. Not a massive fan of Joyce but he is very hard to look good against.

Yeah he’s awkward. I’ve a fancy for Joyce tbh