Boxing II

No was a clean hit Wilder just wanted out.

He seems to have improved since moving to Don Charles as a trainer so another move might not be so wise.

I think that should be that for the Bronze Bomber.


Interesting development….

Leagues in pro boxing are, traditionally, a disaster. Almost impossible to finish with the same group you started with

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If all held out in the desert, theyll likely pump them.full of the best gear science can produce to speed up recovery time

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The Super 6s at Super Middleweight when Froch, Kessler, Taylor were knocking about was great


It was at the finish but twas plagued with withdrawals at the start. Jermain Taylor looked like he’d win it out for the first few rounds against Froch

Will be brilliant; like Major League Baseball’s heyday.

They should call it ‘Chavpions League’ and hold it in a Colosseum with lions.