Breaking News - Incredible Scenes

I just met Shannonsider :clap:

Awesome. He’s met you 4 or 5 times I believe

Tell us more DB, did your eyes meet across a crowded room? Did the real life SS match your expectations?

Meh, a bit of a cock in real life but a nice guy online.

I remember the first time I met shannonsider, we ran all the way to Hazel Brook farm.

It was a poignant meeting really as we discussed the sad departure of TASE to Australia. I had hoped to meet tdb in better circumstances.

You should never meet your heroes Dunph.

Massive rescue operation underway in Stranford Lough. Up to 80 dingys taking part in a race were up turned in a freak storm.

Whatever floats your boat!

Frank Maloney is now a lady known as Kelly.

Ah stop, the world is gone mad, I seen it’s picture today in the paper, do these trannys realise that they look nothing like a woman, an abomination!!

Beware those dreaded beer goggles. :eek:


What makes me laugh is imagining the voice on Kelly when some lad tries to pull her in a dark club.

Sky News now, it’s kicking off in Hong Kong

Jesus Christ it’s looking rough

This is fucking insane

Looks like the heavies have finally arrived

24 hour news stations must love a good riot

Canceling flights?