Brendan Behan

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Borstal Boy is an excellent read.

Behan not seen as the hellraiser he would allegedly become but as a confused young fella in prison for something he didn’t quite grasp.

But also as a happy go lucky popular lad who couldn’t say anything against the British people he came across even though they were supposed to be the enemy.


Not too keen on his ‘herrenvolk’ interrogator! He evinces an empathy with, and sympathy for, his fellow inmates alright - all being from similar enough backgrounds to his own.

We will never see the likes of Behan again. He doesn’t fit in with modern Oirlands view of itself. I can easily visualize him cracking a bottle of wiskey off someone like Dr Ronan Glynns skull just for a bit of a laugh, you wouldn’t get away with that nowadays


The “cawsey” , was that the spelling he used…

Charlie was Paddy’s china plate (mate).