Bressie- Hero, Alright Sort, Top Man

Not a huge bressie hater but by fuck his tone of voice is annoying in that.

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Good to get a bit of clearance from the Brezmeister on how we should feel about the World Cup. If Keith Walsh can give his 2 cents before close of business Friday it might make for a more relaxing weekend for everyone.


Its well known in the music business that bressie doesnt pay people money he owes. Literally wont pay studios etc when he uses them. Not surprising i suppose.


If they’ve an issue then should go for a run and clear their head.

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And charges schools 5k to give a talk to kids on their mental health.

Why would they allow this?

Payment comes after in that game. They think ‘yeah hes a big name thatll be good…’

But if he’s known for stiffing people surely others would start telling him to fuck oft

They are now. There’s plenty of people in all walks of life who traded on their name or fame and left debts behind…

He owns or co-owns a studio in Dublin doesn’t he? Plenty of people don’t pay money they owe. Think of all the dogy tradespeople we know who have fucked people over during the tiger years.


First I’ve heard about a studio he owned in Dublin. He made a big song and dance about buying an apartment in Wicklow last year if memory serves.

Thats what i just said… yep. Makes them cunts though. Like that O Flynn builder cunt from Cork. And you’ve lads like @Tim_Riggins thinking he’s a great fella.

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Who are you on about here?

You were posting up articles by O Flynn praising him a while ago.

O’Flynn was praising himself? Weird editorial choice

I don’t know anything about his arrangement with suppliers.