BREXIT thread

Yay or nay, and why? I’m a floating voter who’ll likely be too tired to exercise my right after work. All advice appreciated.

Remain will win by the looks of it.

A post Brexit UK is too much of an unknown and people fear that.

Whether they should or shouldn’t is a different story, similar to the Scottish independence referendum there has been no room for intelligent debate, it’s either the immigrants are ruining the country or the EU only wants straight bananas vs the World will end if we leave. The truth as always lies in the middle. Pro’s & Cons and all that. It’s funny that this debate is happening in one of the most powerful nations in the EU rather than elsewhere. The EU have far less control over the UK than they do over Ireland for example.

We don’t know how to govern ourselves. We need an overlord.

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I’ll be voting out.

What if they send all the Mick’s home?

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Ireland and the UK have a special relationship that goes beyond the Eu. Based on 800 years of mural respect


I’ve avoiding reading up much about this. My natural inclination would be that they should stay, especially when I see who the array of pro leave voices are.

But the EU has become a complete and utter cunt the last 10 years or more and has completely given up on what the project was supposed to be about in the first place, so a large part me of would like to see the Brits leave to put the cat among the pigeons and fuck the EU. They won’t though.

Vote OUT

Are you suggesting, like Tassotti on a park bench, the Brits like it up em?


Now that made me laugh :joy::joy:

I hope the Brits vote to leave, and if they do we should join them.

The EU is an undemocratic cabal of sick cunts…who want to permanently keep the masses fucked, and the 1% up. Letting Turkey in next is going to lead to disaster.

The turks are serious crowd of racists/murderers love their genocide, have done so for 100s of years.friends of the west though because it suits the west (and they support isis! You couldnt make it up)

Sure what could wrong with letting 76 million Turks into Europe


I know mate. Ask the Armenians, silent genocide

The looney lefties won’t be happy with you using pesky items such as “facts” and “history”.


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Right left and centre wouldn’t be happy with any facts bud

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Where Britain leads. Ireland will follow

I suppose, you did have the gay marriage thing going on before Ireland, you bunch of raving queens.

The Queen is the head of your adopted country pal. She’s your gaffer