BREXIT thread


Also, saw this somewhere else. I lolled








Dya reckon that that is just realpolitik?
Or is he a cnut?
Or both?


You’re asking if nick clegg is a cunt???


I’d say he’s just par for the course art. Not a patch on the may Boris gove fox Davis jrm axis.



Ah just fucking lovely.


This country is half the nicest people you’d ever meet, and half utter utter cunts. The brexit poll would give a reasonable barometer.


I like this one



Laughing stock … Little Englanders took it all in while waving their little jacks…


Sinn Fein have traditionally been Eurosceptic.


They have and still are to a degree … they are against the notion that the few should benefit over the many and that’s what Europe has been for a long time now. They are certainly engaging more with Europe and their MEPs are making great contacts and doing fine work … they are making it work for them. Of course, some of this is about power, there’s no one that naive to deny it. But there’s still euroscepticism within the party.


There is a major democratic deficit at the core of the EU. The Apple tax case was an abuse of power using anti-trust rules to try and bring tax which is outside EU competency into the fold.

We are better in than out but without UK as a buffer we will be on back foot more and more.


That would be my main worry for Ireland Inc. By and large the UK was onside and it was, as you say, a decent buffer which has been lost most likely.


Good for a giggle


This day next year they are out.