BREXIT thread


:joy: quelle surprise


Even the brits are in on it


Will there be an influx of Oirish tinkers back to Oireland when the borders are locked down?





Japan doing well nice and consistently there. Wouldn’t have thought they’d be so high.


Paddy loves the oul growth


The Italians made that exciting.


Britain’s Brexit minister has come under criticism after admitting he “hadn’t quite understood the full extent” to which UK trade was “reliant on the Dover-Calais crossing”.

You live on an island :rofl:


I saw that quote. It is quite staggering. How can he not understand the extent of how reliant his islands trade is on the busiest shipping lane on the fucking planet.
How the fuck do these lads think things arrive in blighty?



Britain is the mainland


May is going to screw the DUP.

‘Alarm bells’ ringing for DUP as May letter raises prospect of EU customs border in Irish Sea


Ah lads ---- The Brits have utterly disgraced themselves throughout the whole Brexit ordeal… there was talk that a lot of people who voted leave did so as a backlash against the political elite who were out of touch with the realities of every day life and ordinary people … by fuck has this proven to be true. The EU must be on the floor laughing at this latest one.


Oh the empire is finished


Sorry Arlene but those damn regulations mean we can’t keep you


There’s a lovely cut about that letter. She’s an awful wum


That was finished decades ago. It’s just the learning of it that’s left for the brits, and most of the younger generations couldn’t give a fcuk in any case. The older brexity types with their seething sense of entitlement will be dead and not missed.


Its just a line from a song mate


Art imitates life.