He did, mate.

In fact he’s recently gone so far as to say that he’d vote to remain in a second referendum. But, ssssshhhh. @Tim_Riggins still thinks Britain would be better off under the Tories. :grin:


This seems to be a bit complicated for you, mate.



always easy from the cheap seats


Dont we know, we’ve all seen Mick Walla.


He has a point though.
May screwed this up royally. She really is a bit dim.
Three self inflicted wrist slashes.

  1. Invoking article 50 in jig time with no plan, simply as it made her feel important. Thick fucker.
  2. Dealing in any way, shape or form with the DUP.
  3. Trumpeting her three red lines, as it made her feel important and clever, when, in truth, it has proclaimed her impotence and utter stupidity.
    She’s thick as a fucking ditch. She should be teaching geography in some crap private school.


Its almost like shes an unwitting pawn in the entire thing.


no , not at all
this irish anti brexit obsession is like the pro nice, lisbon, maastrict , whatever else you’ll be having treaty campaigns on steroids
if this was how it was back in 2008 the nice treaty would have voted in with a +90% approval, where are the anti EU, ECB, IMF protestors from dec 2010? are these people all now ardant pro europe folk?
that question may make folk uncomfortable but it needs to be asked


You seriously think any Tory involved in this whole mess would have the ability to teach Geography?

Would they even be able to point out Ireland on a map?


no, i agree with all that
the woman has made a hames of this and its worth a wry snigger, etc
the issue i have is with the absolute EU love im we are seeing here which is an absolute about face from a more recent stance


She isn’t though. She is a cowardly, thick, political opportunist. There is no high hand on the tiller here. Just herself clinging like a barnacle to a rotten old steamship which the world has passed by, but still has an important looking flag flying.


Again, you’re finding this a bit too complicated for you.

Perhaps you should ask @Tim_Riggins to square his anti-Brexit position with his fervent pro-Trump position, which is an actual contradiction.


very well written post


im asking you (and im not interested remotely in Trump)


That might be the most horrifying thing ever posted on this forum.


You can’t expect any higher principle to guide her and her ilk though. They have no sense of country whatsoever, beyond the symbolic value of the union jack come campaign time. Just look at what they’ve done to the country since they’ve taken power. To be honest I think they’re trapped. They can’t even imagine an alternative to the Thatcherite tradition they inherited and they don’t even have a language to talk about the real problems the country faces anymore. Even Brexit was justified in terms that made it sound like an SME dissolving a partnership. They’ll be more flexible, independent, and mobile to do better deals. It’s an infantile way to look at the world but it’s all they understand.


There is something hilarious about the hardcore ukippers being enraged with the DUP. Two cunts screaming the word cunt at each other.


Hows the Catalan independence movement going for you?