Meanwhile DUP were told by the Brits that the detailed wording was kept from them by the British negotiating team at the Irish gov request

As the Irish Times today said, the ultimate Unionist fear isn’t the government in Dublin, it’s betrayal by London


Has anyone seen May? She has to be the most pathetic leader in the UK’s history.


How the fuck did GB take over half the world at one point.
Brexit was to restore British pride and it is being humiliated.


**[quote=“Matty_Hislop, post:362, topic:22468, full:true”]
Has anyone seen May? She has to be the most pathetic leader in the UK’s history.

She takes the merry out of Christmas


You can’t spell merry Christmas without teresa may.


Up there with Eden now.


Funny how all this bullshit hasn’t impacted the pound sterling’s value at all over the last couple days.

It’s some cluster fuck from the Torys all the same though right back to David Cameron.


Say what you like about Cameron but he was a good friend to this country and even apologised for Bloody Sunday.
Yes he made a mistake by going for a referendum over Europe but was also backstabbing by Boris and Co. At least he resigned straight after not like the hanger on politicians we have representing us.


The British have the paddies driven totally demented with Brexit, the narrative is changing by the minute, its really fascinating to watch


Arlene Foster seemed severely rattled today. First time I’ve seen her like that, must be under awful pressure. I think she’ll cave in.


Do you reckon she’ll top herself?


Arlene’s maiden name is Kelly. She’s originally from just over the border near Rosslea. You could easily walk to St Tiernach’s Park from the house where she grew up.

She has to have Catholic blood. Can it quell the bitterness in her brain at the crucial moment?


Souptaker stock perhaps?


Chicken stock, hopefully.


wasn’t her father shot in the face by the IRA?


So did Lenny Murphy…


No, judging by Arlene’s face that is just the way they look mate


She is COI rather that Presbyterian or Wee Free . So there could be souper factor at play. A chap I know reckons that she has to be seen to be trenchant because she is COI and a woman .


Also because she started off in the UUP rather than the DUP, she only joined the party in 2003 or thereabouts.


because that’s all it is, its just utter bullshit, border or no border , this is just noise really, its the EU giving ireland a chance to show they care about their “border” and the vice versa the brits with the DUP… varadkaar after last weeks fuck up and foster have a week of feeling important
arlene will bang her drum, Leo will use this as an exercise to score points off the shinners… and itll just blow over

the facebook crew are getting a few snowflake giggles that some lad in leeds dosent know where the border is… well the reason is because no one one on mainland uk probably gives two fucks where it is